Pre-Shipbuilding Contract Services


  • Ishima Deploys experienced Teams for Independently assessing Shipyards Building facilities/Capabilities ensuring expected Quality levels met and Capital Investment is safeguarded;
  • Assistance in selecting the most appropriate yard for any project as in accordance with Principals objectives.



  • Latest Designs for each ship type are evaluated and scrutinized in terms of technical Performance;
  • Competitive advantages and added value over vessels’ of similar design are identified following comparison with update designs;
  • Outline/Detailed Spec review and technical comments submission.


  • Ensuring improvements in the vessel’s technical equipment, systems and arrangements
  • Ensuring Highest Construction standards/procedures are applied during construction
  • Ensuring Owners Technical & Operations requirements are met in most cost-efficient way
  • Ensuring latest Vetting Requirements and coming regulatory upgrades are applied



  • Maker List review and ensuring incorporation of all possible upgrades leading to trouble free operation and increased added value for vessels ensuring
  • Accumulated & Up-to date Experience with European & Asian Vendors and their designs, Quality standards & Pricing Structure
  • Assisting with Maker selection Negotiations ensuring Outmost Owners benefits

Post-Shipbuilding Contract Services


  • Project Initial Audits carried out in all nominated Subcontractors & relevant reports prepared;
  • Stringent Screening & Extensive Internal Rating system for all Hull, Coating & Outfitting Subcontractors.



  • Optimization of Preliminary Ship Design
  • Plans, design drawings and maker’s instruction books will be analyzed to guarantee suitability with contractual plans and specifications and compliance with flag/class rules;
  • Meticulous attention to Vetting Requirements and future Legislation coming in force.
  • On-Site team is directly involved in Drawing approval and meetings with yard thus being very familiar with the history of each comment and ensuring all are applied during construction;
  • Critical areas for construction and through-life maintenance are identified, in order to incorporate the very highest standards of safety, quality and reliability, Focusing on Operational Design Improvement and Trouble free Operation;
  • Well organized Electronic database of all PCF forms and relevant supporting documentation is filled for any future use;
  • Tight budgetary control of Extra/Credit items through in-house extensive comparative list.


  • Assignment of Site Manager and/or Project Manager in coordination with Owners;
  • Formation of a small but highly effective team Site Team based on actual Inspection distribution for efficient and cost effective supervision drawing from our own ISHIMA Manpower pool;
  • Audit of subcontractor or facilities & Continuous Assessment of contractor’s quality control at works;
  • On-Site Approval Of Production/Detailed drawings and Arrangements;
  • Participation in Pre-Major Key event meetings in Line with our Construction agendas;
  • Participation in technical meetings and Co‐ordination with Classification and Regulatory Bodies;
  • Continuous assessment of Construction progress through weekly/Monthly detailed reporting to ensure construction schedules are maintained and delivery dates met;
  • Review of N.D.E. Plans & Procedures and examination of all Welding Related documentation, supervision of all Welding operations;
  • Supervision of F.A.T. for all Equipment & Machinery, Hull / Hull Outfitting Inspections, Surface Preparation and Coating System Inspections;
  • Comprehensive Weekly and Monthly Progress Reporting including Hull, Hull Outfitting, Coating, Machinery, Machinery Outfitting, Electrical daily inspections, Shop Test/FAT reports and issued NCR’s, with supporting photographic material;
  • Attendance in Inclining Experiment and Deadweight Measurement, Mooring/Dock and Sea Trials as well as commissioning of all ships systems;
  • Attendance to onboard systems commissioning’s & Sea Trials;
  • Evaluating variation in Specifications and negotiating extra credit/cost items;
  • Crew familiarization through Extensive Crew Demonstration List compiled with Crew & S/Y ensuring that Crew is familiar with all equipment on-board;
  • Coordinating of all Delivery pre-arrangements as required;
  • Control of ship documentation ,certification and final  Drawings on Board in Good order;
  • Delivery acceptance of vessel.



  • Technical assistance on handling of claims during vessel’s guarantee period;
  • Coordination of ship-owner, vessel & shipyard technical communication;
  • Continuous monitoring & follow up of each vessel claims during guarantee period;
  • Technical Consultancy on claims handling based on previous sister vessels experience;
  • Full technical and commercial advise to ship-owner at the end of guarantee period;
  • Direct meetings with East Asia Makers ensures vessels minimum downtime.